Weight Loss Approach

Our Nutracheck service is based on the tried and tested food diary approach used by many doctors and dietitians. There is no diet plan to follow, a user starts by recording everything they eat and drink in their personal food diary, staying within the calorie and exercise target set.

For many people, a ‘diet’ is viewed as something they do for a time to lose weight before going back to eating ‘normally’ again. However ‘normally’ often still involves many of the bad habits that caused the weight gain in the first place, so they end up regaining the weight lost – and a more besides! It is the classic yo-yo dieting cycle.

The food diary system doesn’t expect an individual to take drastic dietary measures overnight, it is about making small sustainable changes over time. The food diary helps them to start modifying what they currently eat, swapping calorific foods for lower calorie, healthier options.

For someone to stick to an eating plan for longer than a few weeks, it has to be down to them to decide and control what eat. We believe that knowledge is power. Nutracheck provides the information you need to eat smarter and make healthier food choices. It’s about re-educating eating habits for the long term – essentially a lifestyle change.