Workplace Weight loss – Corporate Membership Packages

As many jobs are now sedentary, it is important to provide help for your employees to look after their health and become more active. Workplace wellness programmes have been shown to help employees to lose weight – the most successful include education to make better food choices and encouragement to increase physical activity. Nutracheck checks both boxes as educational service designed for long term lifestyle change.

Our website and App calorie counter and food diary service is accessible, convenient and private. Piloted and subsequently rolled out by Walsall NHS for their employees, 87% of users recommended it to a colleague. In a survey asking how the service had benefited them, over half said it had made them more aware of their eating habits and daily calorie requirements. A third said it had encouraged them to eat more fruit and vegetables and increase their activity level.

Corporate membership packages are available to business and organisations. Contact us today to request our free taster offer – 1 month Nutracheck Web and App Membership for your employees.

To discuss your requirements, please email or call 0115 969 4660.