Insights on food, diet and nutrition – March 2018

Tipping the energy balance

Emma’s foolproof weight loss tips

Nutracheck nutritionist Emma Brown explains how to tip your energy balance to lose weight.

Tipping the balance

Sports drinks

Sports and energy drinks: do we need them?

Nutritionist Emma – herself a gym lover – looks behind the hype of energy drinks.

Drink aware

Posh popcorn

Why ‘posh popcorn’ is worth its weight in gold

Fuelled by consumers’ belief in the health benefits over more traditional snacks, popcorn is on the up.

Posh popcorn

A spoonfull of sugar

A spoonful of sugar…?

Just how much sugar lurks beneath the shaped and sugared grains which are still a big part of our morning routine.

Sugary spoonfuls

Sam's sauces

Sam’s 6 super sauce recipes

Sam has turned her back on packets and jars and created her 6 top super sauces.

Sam’s sauce recipes

Insights on food, diet and nutrition – February 2018

68 calorie pancakes

The 68 calorie pancake

Here’s a low-cal pancake recipe which tastes great and is only 68 calories per serving.

Flippin’ amazing

Lent diet trap

Don’t fall into the Lent ‘diet trap!’

Nutritionist Emma’s advice: “Before you decide to give up all your treats, let’s pause and think rationally about this?”

Emma says

Perfect porridge

Hotting up breakfast time

Breakfast should gently welcome your body awake – check out our warming brekkie recipes.

Hot breakfasts

Italian food

Italian eats: Our expert’s pick of the best

Italian food can be a healthy food choice when you’re eating out if you’re smart about what you order.

Bella Italia!

Chocolate martini

7 days: Our dark chocolate ‘diet’

If you think that dark chocolate is only for desserts, think again – here’s something for every day of the week.

Dark choc ‘diet’

Insights on food, diet and nutrition – January 2018

Diets to AVOID

Emma’s tips on the diets to AVOID in 2018

New Year, new diet? Nutritionist Emma gives her verdict on some of the diets to avoid this year.

Diets to avoid

30 day challenge

30 day Challenge to Change!

Here’s how making one small lifestyle change – and sticking to it for 30 days – can make a real difference to your health.

30 day change

Rise of vegan

Is the rise of vegan a fashionable fad?

If you’re vegan, this is your moment: Emma looks at the rise and rise of vegan in the supermarkets.

A vegan trend

Trigger foods

Time to make peace with your ‘trigger foods’

Do you believe certain foods should be off limits? Think again – and make peace with your trigger foods.

Forbidden fruits?

Winter warmers

Comfort food recipes

When there’s a chill in the air, you need bowls of comfort food. Check out our healthy favourites.

Winter warmers

Insights on food, diet and nutrition – December 2017

7 ways to stay slim forever

Nutritionist Emma on how to stay slim – forever!

Nutritionist Emma, our weight loss expert, has this advice to kick start 2018.

7 ways to stay slim

Hangover cures

Beat the booze blues

Modern medicine has no cure for a hangover – but there are a few foods that might reduce the symptoms.

Hangover magic?


Pigging out: How to avoid ‘buffet binge’

The lure of the buffet can wreak havoc with your diet – here’s how to keep your distance.

5 buffet tips

Soups and slow foods

Stay fuller with soups and slow foods

Soups and stews are high in water and great for weight loss – here’s a few we really like.

Soups & slow foods

Meet Donna

Meet Donna: 5 stone lighter – and still counting down!

“I’ve gone from a snug size 18 to a comfortable size 12.” Read how she did it.

Donna’s story

Insights on food, diet and nutrition – November 2017

Stress reducing foods

6 stress reducing foods

Nutrients found in some foods can help us cope with stress – here are 6 to include in your diet.

Stress busters

Good night sleep food

6 foods to eat before bed

Some foods can help bring on sleep – here’s a few to help you settle down for quality rest.

Sleep improvers

5 feel fuller foods

5 fuller food fixes

Don’t let snack attacks sabotage your diet – shift to a fibre-rich diet with lean protein to feel fuller for longer.

Fuller food fixes

Fridge secrets

Is your fridge full of USOs*?

(*unidentified shrivelled objects) If you’ve got a fridge full of forgotten foods, it’s time to get organised!

Be fridge fresh

Mexican Dishes

Nachos & all things Mexican

Mexican cooking is fresh and easy: mix ‘n’ match and share ‘em out and let the fiesta begin.

Mexican meals

Darren' story

“7 1/2 stone weight loss cured my sleep apnoea”

Not naturally sporty, and with an office based job, Darren knew he had to lose weight for the sake of his health.

Darren’s story

Insights on food, diet and nutrition – October 2017

New Year's

Why New Year is no time to diet

Kick weight loss fads into touch this New Year and ask our nutritionist Emma about sensible weight loss tips and advice, meal plans, recipes and anything food and nutrition related.

Ask Emma

Coffee shop upselling

Coffee shop upselling

How ‘extending the spend’ can double calorie intake. Skip the add-ons!

The price of extras

Easy curries

5 easy curries for less cals

Curries can be healthy, if you pick the right one – here’s how.

Cracking curries

Halloween peppers

Yummy Hallowe’en and bonfire night recipes

Easy, warming recipes for Hallowe’en and autumn nights.

Banshees & bonfires

Tech update

Tim Talks: Tech insights into weight loss

Tech entrepreneur shares insights into how high tech could change how we diet in the future.

Tech trends

Cold weather weight gain

69% of us put weight on in cold weather

We look at why autumn can be a bleak time for dieters.

Cold comfort

Nutracheck for pets

Check out Nutracheck for pets: video

Teach your pets to count calories easily in their very own online food diary

Insights on food, diet and nutrition – August 2017

Christmas is coming

Christmas is coming…

We know you need to plan ahead – so ask us for Christmas food ideas & nutrition tips, reader give-aways and advice from nutritionist Emma.

All things Christmas

Super spud knockout

Super spud knockout

White potatoes v sweet potatoes: each packs a powerful nutritional punch. Can you guess which is the champ?

Same but different

Small & delicate

Afternoon Tea calorie splurge

It’s a magical world of finery and excess – just keep on top of the calorie count.

Anyone for tea?

Burger bun calorie swaps

5 burger bun calorie swaps

From sushi rice to sliced avocado – how many calories will you save if you swap your bread bun?

Hold the bun!

Simple wine savers

5 easy ways to earn your wine

A 175ml glass of wine – red or white – contains around 140 cals – here’s how to earn that glass!

Simple savers

Maintain, don't gain

“My life after weight loss” – by Carolyn

Carolyn – aka Sprog – talks about life after weight loss with easy tips to keep the weight off.

Maintain, don’t gain

Caribbean cuisine

Easy, exotic Caribbean cuisine

Caribbean recipes so delicious, all that’s missing is a beach and a drink with a tiny umbrella.

Caribbean recipes

Insights on food, diet and nutrition – July 2017

7 ways to avoid excess

7 behaviours to beat excess (body) baggage

If you’re watching your weight, going on holiday can pose a major challenge. Here’s how to rethink how you eat.

7 holiday habits


Cocktail calorie bombs

Cocktails are a tipple of choice – but how many calories lurk within…? Find out here.

Cocktails uncovered


Chips: not always a nutritional sin

We’re a nation of chip lovers – and it’s OK to include chips in your diet when you know you the friendliest fat choices.


Don't splurge - swap!

Don’t splurge – swap!

Nutritionist Emma’s quick and easy holiday food swaps – no need to feel deprived when you’re away.

5 simple swaps

Game, set & stats

Game, set & stats

Wimbledon fever’s in full swing as the tournament kicks off today. We take a look at some of the numbers.

Wimbledon fever

Maria's 13 stone loss

“I can fit in 1 leg of my old gym trousers!”

When Maria could no longer squeeze into the seats in her local cafe, she knew something had to change.

Maria’s 13 stone loss

Fish in your dish

Put some fish on your dish

For an island nation, we don’t always go overboard about eating fish – so try our simple fish dishes.

Fish recipes

Insights on food, diet and nutrition – June 2017

Protein swaps

12 foods to help mix up your protein choices

Getting protein into your diet isn’t all about eating meat – here are some simple food swaps to boost your protein intake.

Protein swaps

Cheers to beer

National Beer Day

It’s the tipple of choice for millions. We take a light hearted look at beer around the globe.

Cheers to beer

Milky alternatives

Milk: which one is right for you?

Goats? Soya? Nut? Around 40% of British households now use milk alternatives – which one’s right for you?

Milky alternatives

Milky alternatives

5 easy ways with lentils

We’re told to eat more pulses but for many of us, they’re not an everyday ingredient. Try our easy lentil recipes.

Lentils 6 ways

Lorraine's story

“I went from a size 22 to a 12″

When Lorraine couldn’t fit into an XXL T-shirt she knew it was time to do something about it.

Lorraine’s story

Bugs in hiding

How hidden bugs can harm your health

Sometimes it’s hard to tell when food isn’t safe to eat, so check out our quick tips on what to look out for.

Bugs in hiding

Insights on food, diet and nutrition – May 2017

60 years of diets fads

60 years of diet fads

Stop looking for ‘the next big thing’. All diets are just ways of eating fewer calories.

Diet myths debunked

Bin the BBQ bun

How one BBQ can cost you 3,000 calories

Be BBQ savvy and save calories without really trying.

Bin the BBQ bun

Hummus taste test

Is low(er) fat always a better option?

Houmous Taste Test: full fat v reduced fat. Which came out on top?

The verdict

Red, ripe & raw

6 tomato teasers

On or off the vine? Store in fridge or fruit bowl? Things to know about the tomato.

Red, ripe & raw

"A role model for my son"

“A role model for my son”

Why Jo’s son was her motivation for losing weight.

Jo’s story