Insights on food, diet and nutrition – March 2018

Tipping the energy balance

Emma’s foolproof weight loss tips

Nutracheck nutritionist Emma Brown explains how to tip your energy balance to lose weight.

Tipping the balance

Sports drinks

Sports and energy drinks: do we need them?

Nutritionist Emma – herself a gym lover – looks behind the hype of energy drinks.

Drink aware

Posh popcorn

Why ‘posh popcorn’ is worth its weight in gold

Fuelled by consumers’ belief in the health benefits over more traditional snacks, popcorn is on the up.

Posh popcorn

A spoonfull of sugar

A spoonful of sugar…?

Just how much sugar lurks beneath the shaped and sugared grains which are still a big part of our morning routine.

Sugary spoonfuls

Sam's sauces

Sam’s 6 super sauce recipes

Sam has turned her back on packets and jars and created her 6 top super sauces.

Sam’s sauce recipes