Insights on food, diet and nutrition – February 2018

68 calorie pancakes

The 68 calorie pancake

Here’s a low-cal pancake recipe which tastes great and is only 68 calories per serving.

Flippin’ amazing

Lent diet trap

Don’t fall into the Lent ‘diet trap!’

Nutritionist Emma’s advice: “Before you decide to give up all your treats, let’s pause and think rationally about this?”

Emma says

Perfect porridge

Hotting up breakfast time

Breakfast should gently welcome your body awake – check out our warming brekkie recipes.

Hot breakfasts

Italian food

Italian eats: Our expert’s pick of the best

Italian food can be a healthy food choice when you’re eating out if you’re smart about what you order.

Bella Italia!

Chocolate martini

7 days: Our dark chocolate ‘diet’

If you think that dark chocolate is only for desserts, think again – here’s something for every day of the week.

Dark choc ‘diet’