Insights on food, diet and nutrition – November 2017

Stress reducing foods

6 stress reducing foods

Nutrients found in some foods can help us cope with stress – here are 6 to include in your diet.

Stress busters

Good night sleep food

6 foods to eat before bed

Some foods can help bring on sleep – here’s a few to help you settle down for quality rest.

Sleep improvers

5 feel fuller foods

5 fuller food fixes

Don’t let snack attacks sabotage your diet – shift to a fibre-rich diet with lean protein to feel fuller for longer.

Fuller food fixes

Fridge secrets

Is your fridge full of USOs*?

(*unidentified shrivelled objects) If you’ve got a fridge full of forgotten foods, it’s time to get organised!

Be fridge fresh

Mexican Dishes

Nachos & all things Mexican

Mexican cooking is fresh and easy: mix ‘n’ match and share ‘em out and let the fiesta begin.

Mexican meals

Darren' story

“7 1/2 stone weight loss cured my sleep apnoea”

Not naturally sporty, and with an office based job, Darren knew he had to lose weight for the sake of his health.

Darren’s story