Insights on food, diet and nutrition – October 2017

New Year's

Why New Year is no time to diet

Kick weight loss fads into touch this New Year and ask our nutritionist Emma about sensible weight loss tips and advice, meal plans, recipes and anything food and nutrition related.

Ask Emma

Coffee shop upselling

Coffee shop upselling

How ‘extending the spend’ can double calorie intake. Skip the add-ons!

The price of extras

Easy curries

5 easy curries for less cals

Curries can be healthy, if you pick the right one – here’s how.

Cracking curries

Halloween peppers

Yummy Hallowe’en and bonfire night recipes

Easy, warming recipes for Hallowe’en and autumn nights.

Banshees & bonfires

Tech update

Tim Talks: Tech insights into weight loss

Tech entrepreneur shares insights into how high tech could change how we diet in the future.

Tech trends

Cold weather weight gain

69% of us put weight on in cold weather

We look at why autumn can be a bleak time for dieters.

Cold comfort

Nutracheck for pets

Check out Nutracheck for pets: video

Teach your pets to count calories easily in their very own online food diary