The price of ‘extras’: How coffee shops tempt us at the till

When you last bought a hot drink from one of the UK’s coffee shop chains, there’s a good chance you were asked if you’d like a pastry to accompany it, or to ‘upsize’ your purchase, or maybe add a shot of syrup.

It’s common these days to be invited to ‘extend the spend’ as shop staff tempt you with add-ons just as you‘re about to check out. In that split-second, your spend has increased, along with your calorie intake.       

Emma Brown, nutritionist for calorie counter App, Nutracheck, explains more: “It’s much easier to sell to existing customers already in the shop than find new ones, and upselling tasty add-ons is a great way to increase profits.

“It’s all extra pressure to buy without it feeling like a hard sell – yet upselling can easily double your calorie intake without thinking about it, affecting your waistline as well as your pocket.

“Examples include a coffee shop barista asking if you would like a large rather than a regular-sized coffee or if you’d like cream and a syrup shot, or added extras like marshmallows or chocolate. And if you’ve dashed out the house without breakfast, the offer of a pastry might just too tempting. You probably didn’t ask for it, so stick with your original purchase, and try not to be tempted at the till!”

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Coffee Shop Up Selling


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