Insights on food, diet and nutrition – May 2017

60 years of diets fads

60 years of diet fads

Stop looking for ‘the next big thing’. All diets are just ways of eating fewer calories.

Diet myths debunked

Bin the BBQ bun

How one BBQ can cost you 3,000 calories

Be BBQ savvy and save calories without really trying.

Bin the BBQ bun

Hummus taste test

Is low(er) fat always a better option?

Houmous Taste Test: full fat v reduced fat. Which came out on top?

The verdict

Red, ripe & raw

6 tomato teasers

On or off the vine? Store in fridge or fruit bowl? Things to know about the tomato.

Red, ripe & raw

"A role model for my son"

“A role model for my son”

Why Jo’s son was her motivation for losing weight.

Jo’s story