Insights on food, diet and nutrition – March 2017

Cereal killers

Cereal killers?

How cereal serving sizes really measure up – and why bowl size can matter most!

How much is 40g?

Meat free protein

Going meat free this March?

Proteins can help you feel fuller for longer and on fewer calories – great if you’re trying to lose weight. Try some meat free options for Veggie month.

9 meat free proteins

Mid morning snack

Lunchbox low-down

Making your own lunch can save money and calories. Nutritionist Emma shares her lunch box tips. #PackYourLunchDay

Emma’s pack up

Mid morning snack

Salt shockers

Less than 6g a day is the goal. See how easily it adds up. Time to try some salt swaps?

Shockers & swaps

Mid morning snack

Mum’s day out?

Mums trump sweethearts when it comes to eating out. If you’re taking mum out on March 26, check out our calorie counts for 50 popular eateries.

From Ask to Zizzi

Mid morning snack

Coffee: friend or foe?

Lots of us rely on a cup of coffee to kick start our day, but if you’ve ever wondered whether coffee is doing you more harm than good, you’re not alone.

The verdict