Insights on food, diet and nutrition – February 2017

Not on the label

When ‘traffic lights’ confuse

18% of us use the front of pack ‘traffic lights’ to figure out what we’re eating. But interpreting food labels can be tricky.

Information overload?

Dine in here

Cupid calling

Valentine’s ‘Dine in’ deals hit the supermarkets this week – ask us to calorie count the (un)healthiest combos.

‘Dine in’ here

10 ticker tips

Celebrating heart month

Some small changes can help everyone stay ‘heart healthy’.

10 ticker tips

Chris's story

“Effortless yet powerful”

Hear from Chris how counting calories and tracking nutrients has changed his life.

Chris’s story

Let's cook!

Hotting up breakfast time

“What nicer thing can you do for somebody than make them breakfast?” – Anthony Bourdain.

Breakfast ideas

7 Canny facts

Tinned food under the spotlight

Everyday nutrition – and very much part of your 5 a day: how cans can get you cooking.

6 Canny facts

Check your calories

From Aldi’s antipasti to Zizzi’s zucca pizzas

Get nutrition data for 200,000 UK foods – and counting – including supermarket meal deals.

Check your calories