Insights on food, diet and nutrition – January 2017

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Dieting is out – food insight is in

Nutracheck now tracks 6 key nutrients plus calories. Change the way you eat forever.

“Really helps to know for certain that I am eating a good healthy balanced diet. Before I could only hope!”

The magnificent 7

Let's talk sugar

Sugar – public enemy #1

We’re eating twice as much as we should be – and it’s hidden in foods you wouldn’t expect. Tracking can be a real eye opener.

Hiding in plain sight

7 top tips for a healthier lower carb diet

Carbs – dieters’ favourite obsession

Carbs get bad press – but it’s the type you eat that matters. Track your diet to get the right amount.

7 top carb tips

Protein – how much is too much?

Protein – more is great, right?

Protein is being added to unlikely food products – from chocolate bars to ice cream. So what’s the big deal?

How much is good?

Is fat a 4 letter word?

Fat – still a 4 letter word?

The ‘bad boy’ of nutrients – but is saturated fat really bad? New research has raised eyebrows…

Think fats – not fat!

How to manage your salt intake

Salt – the silent killer

Sodium v salt still confuses. Levels in food have reduced – but what about in your diet?

Steps to less salt