Sugar in drinks: fizzy pop vs alcohol  

Adults in the UK get more of their calories from alcohol than from sugary, fizzy drinks, according to recent Euromonitor data.*

The figures show that adults here are consuming more than 106 calories per head every day from alcoholic drinks, compared with 98 from sugar-sweetened drinks.

Said Nutracheck nutritionist, Emma Clarke: “Alcohol calories catch a lot of us out, which suggests that tackling Britain’s drinking habits may be just as important as cracking down the amount of sugar we eat.

“Many people are unaware that alcohol can make you gain weight because there’s a perception that drinks don’t count as much as food. That’s not helped by the fact that calories in alcohol are not routinely shown on beer cans and bottles of wines or spirits, like food products. Yet a large glass (250ml) of 13% wine contains 228 calories and a standard glass (150ml) has 160 calories – which is the same as a Mars bar or a packet of crisps.

“In the UK, alcoholic drinks above 1.2% ABV are currently exempt from having to provide calorie information and we believe it would be hugely beneficial for all alcohol products to have calorie information clearly marked, just like on foods.

“People have the right to know about the calorie content of their drinks, so they can make informed choices about what – and how much – they consume. For example, a pint of standard-strength beer contains around 180 calories, which is about the same as 2 chocolate biscuits. A large glass of red wine contains around 200 calories – roughly equivalent to the calories found in a doughnut.”

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Source: Euromonitor