Start now and you could lose a stone before Christmas

Weight loss comes down to being calorie savvy. But simply by tracking your calories and recording what you eat, you could lose a stone in just 66 days – and keep it off.

Nutracheck makes tracking calories easier than ever. You have the freedom to choose the foods you want to eat whilst you lose weight at a healthy 1-2lbs a week. For ease you can do this on the website at, or if you’re high tech how about trying the Nutracheck App?

Emma Clarke, Nutracheck’s nutritionist says, “Studies show that we need to repeat something new for around 66 days for it to become a habit – and that includes losing weight. So, if you spend just 10 minutes a day tracking what you eat and drink – and keep it up for 66 days or more – you‘ll never look back. 10 minutes is no time at all.

“Just scan food barcodes with your phone to add what you ate to your food diary in just 2 clicks. It really does take 10 minutes or less a day to count your calories – so much easier than writing it all down! 

The simple act of recording what you eat can encourage a change in dietary choices. It increases your awareness of what – and how much – you’re eating, which helps you cut down on mindless munching. People often reconsider eating something because they don’t want to record it, so it’s a great habit to develop.

“Counting calories has never been faster or easier. Nutracheck uses photos to help you find exactly the product you ate from the UK’s largest food database. It calorie counts home cooked meals and recipes too and also tells you the calorie burn for 100s of activities.”

Why calorie counting works:

1. No banned foods – you still eat the foods you enjoy so you’ll never get bored. Cutting out favourite foods is a fast track to giving up. Just stay within your targets to lose weight. Simple!

2. Puts you in control – being more conscious of what you are eating helps you make smarter food choices to get the most from your calories. Before you know it you’ll be opting for a couple of pieces of fruit over a chocolate bar without even thinking!

3. Fits into your life – you don’t have to put your social life on hold. Nutracheck has calorie information for many popular restaurants so you can stay on top of your diary even while eating out.  If the exact meal isn’t listed, it’s easy to find something similar.

4. Teaches portion control – the easiest way to reduce calories is to cut your portion size. Sounds obvious but it’s where so many people go wrong.  Weigh food until you have a visual reference of what a healthy ‘serving’ looks like.

5. Never diet again – this 10 minutes a day habit can keep your weight in check for life. The Nutracheck App on your phone keeps you focused and when you reach your goal, weigh in weekly to maintain your goal weight.