Insights on food, diet and nutrition – October 2016

Welcome to our October round-up of all things related to calories, weight loss, diet and nutrition. We hope it provides some content ideas for the month ahead. As always we welcome any feedback or requests for the next issue. Happy reading! Best wishes, Rachel & Emma Nutracheck Nutrition Team

Spotlight on

Start now and lose a stone for Christmas.


Cholesterol Month – take our quiz.
World Egg Day (14 October).

Real life stories

How losing weight cured Darren’s sleep apnoea.

September events

Coffee – friend or foe?

Top 9 non-meat protein sources

Calorie Data

Find calorie data for 200,000 products in the UK’s largest barcode linked food database.

New! The world’s hottest chilli is now at Tesco – and in the Nutracheck food database find it here.

Autumn recipes

Scrumptious Halloween treats.

Super tasty vegetarian recipes