Don’t pile on the pounds this summer: 10 tips to avoid holiday weight gain

The whole point of a holiday is to come back feeling refreshed and revived, not down in the dumps because you’ve completely overindulged. Our 10 easy tips will help you avoid unnecessary holiday weight gain:

1) On the journey – get a ‘meal deal’ from Boots or M&S at the airport. Better quality and cheaper than budget airline food! Plus it’s calorie labelled.

2) Alcohol alert – booze calories catch a lot of us out, so use the Nutracheck App to find the lowest cal options. Also check out our cocktail infographic.

3) Be active – take your activity tracker with you – it’s a great way to focus on more walking when you’re away. Take every opportunity to walk more even if it’s just getting a cold drink from the beach bar!

4) Set an exercise challenge – make the most of the pool by setting yourself a swimming goal. Build up the number of lengths you can manage through the week until you reach your goal.

5) Fluid check – stay hydrated. Hot weather means you’ll feel thirstier which you might mistake for hunger. Keep a chilled bottle of water with you and top up your fluid levels.

6) Treat tip – choose an ice lolly over an ice cream. It simple swap in the heat, but can save quite a few calories over the time you’re away.

7) Bar rules – refuse the free nibbles. Nuts and crisps are a nightmare – especially when the waiter brings a new topped up bowl with each drink. If it’s there, you’ll eat it, so say no straight off!

8) Buffet rules – start with the salad and veg bar first and fill at least half your plate, then approach the other food bars. Avoid deep fried counters altogether if you can – or just have a ‘taster’ portion.

9) All inclusive rules – beware of the ‘value for money’ mindset! You don’t have to eat and drink as much as possible just because it’s there. It’s false economy if you end up spending more money on diet food and slimming clubs when you get home!

10) Meal time tips:

  • Stick with your routine. If you usually have fruit and cereals for breakfast, don’t feel that you have to go for a full fry up every day. Treat yourself – but not every day.
  • Listen to your body. If you ate breakfast late and aren’t hungry, don’t have lunch just because the clock dictates.
  • Choose protein over carbs. Fresh fish, grilled meat and salads (no dressing) are all good choices. Skip potatoes, bread, rice and pasta.
  • Never double carb. No bread AND pasta in the same meal. Or chips AND pastry – choose one or the other.
  • Share a dessert. The easy way to enjoy something sweet for half the calories.
  • Offset your meals. Eat light at breakfast and lunch if you want to relax more over dinner. Or go lighter at breakfast and dinner if lunch is your favoured meal.


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