Counting calories? Why it always pays to plan!

Nutracheck compares planning meals to eating on the fly

• 64% cash saving
• 14% calorie reduction
• Doubles ‘5 a day’ target

Shopping without a plan – or at least a list – means we often buy more food than we need – and end up eating more calories that we realise.

Nutracheck nutritionist Emma Brown looks how a little planning can save you cash as well as calories.
“Meal planning shouldn’t be a chore –it enables you to take much more control of what – and how much – you’re eating.

“You’re less likely to resort to a take-out and you can easily see whether you’re having your ‘5 a day’. You’re also less likely to run of something you need for a recipe because you have a clear plan, in advance, of what you need.”

Emma’s top tips for meal planning:

• Before shopping, check your cupboards, fridge and freezer and make a list.
• Include meals using ingredients from the freezer and store cupboard.
• Plan around your schedule – quick meals when you’re busy and prepare longer ones when you have more time.
• Cook double the amount so you can eat it the next day as leftovers or freeze for a later date.

The benefits of planning ahead:
• Reduces food waste – you’ll only buy the quantity of food you need.
• Saves money – with a list you’ll be less likely to impulse buy.
• Reduces stress and saves time – you’ll know what you’re having for dinner and have all the ingredients ready.
• Gets others involved – people involved in the planning are more likely to eat what’s prepared, even fussy eaters.
• Keep on top of your calories and nutrition – much easier to see whether you’re having a balanced diet.


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