Milk chocolate lovers, it’s your day to celebrate!

Milk Chocolate Day – July 28

Milk chocolate lovers, it’s your day to celebrate!

There’s no contest when it comes to the preference of chocolate: milk chocolate rules this confectionery battleground.

Nutracheck nutritionist Emma Brown said: “Chocolate of all types is often considered to be a ‘guilty pleasure – but it’s a food that is strongly tied to emotional needs. This is one reason why dieters find it hard to give up a chocolatey treat – and the good new is that they don’t have to!

“We know from our own YouGov research that the majority of people believe that weight loss requires cutting out certain types of food – the fun ones – but that’s not the case. We want to dispel the myth, so chocoholics worldwide can rejoice in their cocoa glory!

“An overwhelming majority (86%) of our dieters who lost enough weight to improve their health did so whilst continuing to eat chocolate and other treats.

“Diets centred around food elimination are much more likely to fail. The key is to take a more relaxed approach and to have a little of what you like – just count the calories. Nutracheck’s calorie-counting food diary is the ideal way to monitor food intake without denying pleasures or feeling hungry.”

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• Nutracheck is a calorie counter and food diary available via an App and website
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• Nutracheck’s unique search shows photos of food to make it easy to spot what you ate from over 180,000 products in the UK food database
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