Reviewing health and fitness Apps this January? Read on!

Reviewing health & fitness Apps this January? 

Picture this: the Nutracheck calorie counter with photo library of 180,000+ UK food products. No other App comes close.

The Nutracheck App is different to other calorie counting Apps because it uses over 180,000 photos of UK food and drink products to help you spot the exact brand you ate – only faster. Compared to scrolling through long lists of similar sounding descriptions, this makes a huge difference to the user-experience.

Speed of use is key so the App remembers your last searches and the serving sizes you added. Plus the barcode scanner lets you scan and add an item in just 2 clicks. Users say they spend less than 10 minutes tracking their food and exercise.

From single items, to ready meals, coffee shop treats and selected special occasion lines, just select your item and add to your food diary.

Nutracheck has got all the major UK supermarkets covered:

As well as coffee chains, fast food outlets and popular lunchtime eateries. You won’t find photos of Greggs, McDonalds or Costa products in other Apps.

To make this possible, the Nutracheck team manages the database in-house – that means physically buying and photographing products. There’s a key focus on categories where it’s harder to know the calorie content, such fast foods, coffee shops and alcoholic drinks.

Have a go – try searching for ‘beer’ to see an example of the results. And if you’re having a take-out, the App covers all your favourites: Chinese, Indian, pizza – no problem.

The App also contains calories burned data for over 1,000 activities, with icons (including TRX, circuits and weightlifting).

For convenience, Nutracheck links with Fitbit – the global leader in connected fitness. Any Fitbit activity tracker can be linked in the App so exercise taken is automatically synced to the Nutracheck exercise diary. A summary of calories eaten is also sent back to the user’s Fitbit dashboard.

As a result, on average our users say they spend less than 10 minutes a day tracking their food and exercise.

Created in 2005, Nutracheck is the UK’s original calorie counter and food diary App and one of the top selling diet Apps in the UK Apple Store.

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