Eat, drink and be merry – without piling on the pounds!

Christmas calorie countdown:

How you can eat, drink & be merry – without piling on the pounds 

Christmas dinner will hopefully bring joy and cheer – but for many of us, it will also mean completely overindulging.

We all know we’re prone to a bit of overeating on Christmas Day, but nevertheless, the news that we’re likely to eat 3,500 calories too much is a little unnerving. Yes – the average Brit will be packing away up to 6000 calories on December 25.

It’s not just the food. Endless excuses for a festive tipple throughout the party season means Brits drink 41% more than the monthly average at Christmas. Added to that are hours spent relaxing in front of the TV between Christmas Eve and New Year’s Day, and you’ve got the perfect storm to pile on the pounds.

But with a bit of thought you can still enjoy yourself without missing out on any treats – including Christmas pudding & alcohol – whilst sticking to your suggested daily calorie intake.

Emma Brown, nutritionist for calorie counter App, Nutracheck, has put together 3 Christmas menus so you can see how the calories stack up:

Says Emma: “There’s no need to think you are in for a miserable Christmas – there are lots of clever ways to adapt your menu to cut down the calories. It’s just about making sensible choices.”

  • Swap double cream or full fat custard for lighter versions.
  • Load up your plate with veggies first before you add turkey, potatoes and Yorkshire puds – you should have less room.
  • A large glass or wine contains approximately 180 calories, so add soda to make it last longer and cut down the cals.
  • Grab a few chocolates from the tin, and then put the tin out of sight to stop excessive picking. Remember: 5 chocs contains around 250 cals – the same as a Mars bar.

About Nutracheck:

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For more information on Christmas/special occasion food and drink swaps and menu alternatives, email or call 07968 049528