Back from the brink of type 2 diabetes

How Chris’s 8 stone weight loss reversed life-threatening type 2 diabetes  

For Chris Angel, life with obesity held little joy. Tipping the scales in 2014 at a massive 22 stone, and on the brink of type 2 diabetes, his GP warned him his life was at risk if he continued to pile on the pounds.

To mark Diabetes Week, Chris (46), from Woking, who is now a much slimmer and toned 14 stone, explains why losing weight was the best decision he ever made: it simply saved his life. 

“I had ignored the problem for far too long and my weight was out of control. I was the biggest I had ever been, my blood pressure had rocketed and I was pre-diabetic with abnormally high blood sugar.

My doctor told me straight: take medication to control my blood pressure and the onset of diabetes – or lose a lot of weight.

“Deep down I knew the weight had to go – I had been in denial, allowing myself to expand beyond anything reasonable, ignoring my failing health. I was ashamed of myself and how I looked. I couldn’t walk for more than a few steps because my lower back ached from the strain of carrying my stomach around.”

“I felt incredibly sorry for myself but the self-pity didn’t last long because I had to face up to the fact that I had done this to myself – and no-one except me could undo it.”

He discovered the diet App Nutracheck, started counting calories – and just 6 months later – his weight had dipped below 16 stone.

Today he has lost over 8 stone and is no longer pre-diabetic: his blood sugar levels are stable, his blood pressure is within a normal range and, as well as the weight, he has lost 18 inches from his waist.

“It has taken me all my adult life to realise that I control what I weigh. Nutracheck gave me the knowledge to take that control and counting calories is now a normal part of my everyday routine.

“My top tips are really simple: buy a digital scale to weigh what you eat – don’t guess! And just be honest, which means logging everything you eat and drink. If you try to guess what 100g of something looks like you are likely to underestimate – so just get used to weighing your portions accurately and noting it all down. That’s all there is to it.” 

- ends -

About Nutracheck: 

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  • Super-fast and easy to use, add foods to the diary in just 2 clicks using the barcode scanner. The unique search with product photos helps you easily spot what you ate from the 160,000 foods in the food database.

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