World first: shopping shake-up as consumers switch to ‘calorie currency’

World first: Shopping shake-up will revolutionise healthy eating as consumers switch to ‘Calorie Currency’

In a major shake-up to the way we shop for our food, a leading UK supermarket chain has cut a deal with the UK’s top selling diet App, Nutracheck, to bring a brand new concept to healthy eating: pay by the calorie. 

By asking shoppers to pay for their food in ‘calorie currency’, they will pay the equivalent of the calorific cost of food items, instead of the usual market price.

Specially produced point of sale pricing, including shelf edge tickets, will clearly show the pricing in the new calorie currency – and customers will be charged accordingly.

A pack of chocolate chip cookies – a lunchbox favourite – will now cost £8.27 (827 calories), a 150g bag of hand cooked luxury chips will retail at £7.53 (753 calories) and a large bag of fruit and cola flavour gummy sweets will cost you £5.60 (560 calories).

In stark contrast, a 200g punnet of strawberries will set you back just 60p, 200g of green beans will be 48p, and a 330ml can of diet cola will sell for just 1p.


And incredibly, under the shake-up, bottled water will be free as it has zero calories.

This revolutionary approach to healthy eating is launched as a pilot in Nottinghamtomorrow, and is expected to create national  - and world – interest.

Nutracheck’s managing director, leading tech entrepreneur Tim Vryenhoef, explains more: “This is a revolution for shoppers in the UK: a world first as it shows them the true cost in terms of their waistlines. Calories cost money  – real money – so from tomorrow, one calorie is equal to one penny and shoppers will be charged accordingly.

“This will revolutionise food purchasing and help people to understand just how much popular food items cost in terms of their impact on weight. Calorie data for 160,000 UK food items is already available via the Nutracheck App, so customers can have calorie information at their fingertips.

“Yes, it’s early days but we’ve done our research and believe this is the way forward because it gives shoppers clear and transparent choices about how to spend their hard-earned cash. It’s a concept we have been working on for some time and we are delighted to have secured major supermarket backing to bring this to households up and down the country.

“We anticipate a roll-out across 500+ stores by the end of 2015 and expect to break into Europe and America early next year. I am confident shoppers will see that calorie currency is the way forward and we anticipate this will be the biggest food revolution to hit the UK in decades.” 

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About Nutracheck: is an innovative, multi-award winning calorie counter and food diary website and App for weight loss. It was the UK’s first combined mobile and online diet. It’s super-fast and easy to use. Add foods to the diary in just 2 clicks using the barcode scanner.  The unique search with product photos helps you easily spot what you ate from the 160,000 foods in the food database.

The Nutracheck App is the top selling diet App in the UK Apple store.

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