Nutracheck Reveal Some Shocking Coffee Shop Facts



A survey undertaken by leading online weight loss system Nutracheck shows that coffee (49%) is the favourite drink of dieters. For non-dieters, tea is the preferred choice of drink with 46.6% of the vote. Part of coffee’s appeal is the belief amongst 60% of dieters that drinking coffee and hot drinks can help curb their appetite and stop them snacking. Which helps explain why 78% of dieters admit to consuming 3 or more cups of their favourite hot beverage a day compared to only 59.7% of non-dieters.

The survey also found:

  • Of the High Street coffee chains 52% of dieters stated that they visited a Costa or Nero at least once a week
  • Costa was the dieters favourite coffee shop venue with 40.7% of votes, followed by Starbucks at 16% and Caffe Nero at 8%
  • 24% chose a local independent coffee shop
  • Most popular dieters’ coffee size was a medium (Grande, Medio) with 50.5% over a small (Tall, Primo, Regular) with 32%
  • 27% of dieters confessed to succumbing to temptation when buying drinks from in coffee shops – with favoured extras such as chocolate sprinkles, syrup, cream and sugar. However, 76% of dieters were aware of the effects these extras might have on their calorie intake.  Dieters’ most popular coffee extra was syrup with 9.6% followed by chocolate sprinkles 8.7% – however 74.5% of dieters don’t take sugar (compared to 60.5% of non-dieters).

Research indicated the importance of the Coffee Shop and coffee consumption to dieters – a place to get their caffeine fix and keep the diet pangs at bay. However with 27% of dieters likely to be tempted with the extras on offer, it’s important dieters know what the calorie consequences of any decisions they make might be. To help there is the NEW Nutracheck Coffee Calorie Counter App (available FREE from the app store) which helps you custom-make your favourite drink and calculate the calorie count.

Choose your milk preference, cup size and any extras such as syrups, cream or sprinkles. In addition you can check coffee shop menus to find the lowest calorie or fat foods. The App lets you comprehensively compare the calorie content of different drink sizes from different coffee shops, and also see the effect of swapping options such as your milk choice from full fat to skinny.

Commenting on the results of the survey, Nutracheck expert nutritionist Janet Aylott says, “When it comes to your coffee treat, knowledge is power and Nutracheck’s coffee shop app puts all you need to know in the palm of your hand. You can indulge in the extras if you fancy – just make sure you log the additional calories in your food diary and don’t ignore them.”

Additional Stats

  • Survey participants were 1,200 dieting and non-dieting members of the UK public
  • Dieters second favourite drink was tea with 39.5% and herbal/fruit tea with 5.9%.
  • Nero and Starbucks use semi skimmed milk as standard where as Costa uses whole milk
  • Starbucks drink in cup sizes are the largest
  • Nero has the most calorific cream
  • Nero and Costa have different drink in/take out cup sizes (taking out is larger) but Starbucks doesn’t, their drink in/take out cup sizes are the same
  • For dieters ‘drink in’ (61.2%) was favoured over ‘take out’ (19.4%) whilst for non-dieters take out was favoured 41.4% versus 34.2%
  • Swapping full sugar syrup for the sugar-free option could mean the difference between 4 and 80 calories per drink!

About Nutracheck:

  • Nutracheck is an innovative calorie counter and food diary App and website which tracks what you eat to help you manage your weight.
  • It’s fast and easy to use: Tracking your calories takes less than 10 minutes a day to do. Nutracheck holds the largest UK food database with photos of over 160,000 products to help you find exactly what you’re eating.
  • This isn’t a fad diet and no foods are banned; it works by making a person more aware of their food choices and how much they are eating.
  • The Nutracheck App is the top selling diet App in the UK Apple store. The Nutracheck website is rated the UK’s No. 1 diet site on

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