Nutracheck Launches a Free Coffee Shop Calorie Counter App



appIt used to be a ‘special’ treat, but coffee is now established as an everyday beverage with one in five of us visiting a coffee shop every day. Many of us are also trying to watch our waistlines and eat healthily, so this free Coffee Calorie Counter App now available in the Apple Store is the perfect tool to help you make informed choices.

The App contains a handy Coffee Builder to custom-make your favourite drink and calculate the calorie count – choose your milk preference, cup size and any extras such as syrups, cream or sprinkles. In addition you can check coffee shop menus to find the lowest calorie or lowest fat foods.

Developed by calorie counter expert Nutracheck, the free App brings together the calorie information for Costa, Starbucks, Caffe Nero and Pret all in one App without needing to look up different websites.

Nutracheck Director Rachel Hartley says, “It’s really easy to forget or underestimate the contribution some hot drinks can make to your daily calorie intake. If you are trying hard to lose weight, it’s important to understand that liquid calories count and soon add up across the week”.

The company’s nutritionist Janet Aylott adds “For many people, visiting a coffee shop is still a treat – we’re certainly not about ruining that! It’s just about understanding the impact of your food and drink choices. For example one high street coffee shop sells a cup of hot chocolate with cream that contains almost 700 calories – that’s a third of a female’s recommended daily calorie allowance in one drink – fine for a treat, but something to bear in mind if you have it regularly”.

The App lets you compare the calorie content of different drink sizes, and also see the effect of swapping your milk choice from full fat to skinny.

As well as containing calorie information for the top four coffee shop chains, the App also has a ‘general’ calorie listing for independent outlets.

Download the App from the Apple Store by searching for ‘Coffee Calorie Counter’. Never has it been easier to eat, track and lose!

About Nutracheck:

  • Nutracheck is an innovative calorie counter and food diary App and website which tracks what you eat to help you manage your weight.
  • It’s fast and easy to use: Tracking your calories takes less than 10 minutes a day to do. Nutracheck holds the largest UK food database with photos of over 160,000 products to help you find exactly what you’re eating.
  • This isn’t a fad diet and no foods are banned; it works by making a person more aware of their food choices and how much they are eating.
  • The Nutracheck App is the top selling diet App in the UK Apple store. The Nutracheck website is rated the UK’s No. 1 diet site on

For more information about Nutracheck visit or call Karen Veness on 07968 049528 or email