Your Friends are actually your Diet ‘Frenemies’



YouGov research shows 40% feel their diet plans get derailed by friends – so how do you keep to your diet and keep your friends?

LONDON JANUARY 10, 2014 – According to a YouGov* market research survey commissioned by leading online food diary system, 43% of people polled in the UK believed that their friends would actively attempt to sabotage their efforts to lose weight – resulting in 22% actively resorting to keeping their diet a secret and a further 59% only telling a few select people to avoid any unwanted diet attention.

Common ‘frenemy’ diet sabotage techniques experienced by those polled included – claiming the dieter was ‘being boring’; suggesting that diets just don’t work and that ‘you’ll just put the weight back on after’; making out that the dieter is not overweight at all; claiming the dieter looks better ‘a bit chunky’; tempting the dieter with favourite snacks and treats and eating these deliberately in front of the dieter and piling pressure on in social sessions such as at the pub – ‘go on, one pint won’t do any harm’.

What’s perhaps even more surprising is the biggest culprits when it comes to diet sabotage, are men – with 39% of men versus 20% of women believing their friends would let them down** – so, so much for lads sticking together.

To help those on a diet wishing to keep the lethal sabotage of their friends at bay, without alienating them, nutrition expert for Janet Aylott recommends 5 top tactics to succeed on your diet despite you’re the spoiling tactics of your pals.

According to Janet, “It’s all very well having a diet strategy to pick the right sort of food, but it’s important to manage your lifestyle so that you don’t fall foul of your ‘frenemies’ to ensure your diet success.”

By calorie counting and not cutting out foods, its less obvious to your friends that you are on a diet – if they are oblivious they can’t be tempted to derail you from your weight loss objectives.

When out with your friends have a drink and enjoy yourself, just swap your usual glass of wine for a spritzer or spirit with a diet mixer. Alternate between soft drink and alcohol. OR go teetotal (Dry January) to save calories and offer to be designated driver – they’ll love you!

Your friend wafts the tempting bowl of crisps under your nose and piles the pressure on – what do you do?  Two options. Don’t ban it, plan it. With a  sneaky calorie check on the handy Nutracheck App (on iPhone or Android) just count it into your allowance. Or eat and enjoy! Just track it in your food diary and cut back later.

Invite your pals around to yours where you can stay in control of the menu and the calories. (For some classic recipes with a healthier twist, see

Meeting your friends for a coffee – have an indulgent coffee with the extras but skip the cake. Or go for a no frills drink and have the cake. One or the other, not both!

Nutracheck members can take advantage of a new dedicated eating out guide where you research the calorie content of well known coffee shop and restaurant chain menus. This allows you the opportunity to plan your treat or  meal out and not have to worry about your friends or the calories!

If all else fails – get an ‘active’ social life. Instead of the pub, persuade your mates to spend the evening doing something that burns calories – latest trends include zumba, ballet and pole dancing.

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