The Diet Wars between Men & Women



Guys – if you’re tempted to ditch your New Year’s weight loss regime on January 15th (the day tipped most likely that people will fall off the diet wagon) – don’t – as a recent poll by shows that men rather than women have greater success in achieving their weight loss objectives, making men the biggest losers.

Men are more likely to comply with keeping a food and exercise diary, which helps them to lose more weight than women. Men are twice as likely to use an online and App diet system like Nutracheck than attend a weight loss club, and also likely to stay registered for longer than women. Men also lost a greater percentage of their body weight than women – 5.9% v 4.6% (comparing over an average of 1,000 food diary entries).

Nutracheck’s nutritionist Janet Aylott believes there are several reasons why men are more likely to triumph in the weight loss stakes, “It’s probably no real surprise that men are more successful when it comes to the battle of weight loss. Men are less likely to have ‘yo yo’ dieted over the years so approach losing weight without the ‘ emotional baggage’ that many women have. There is also not quite the same pressure on men to have the ‘perfect’ body size and shape. Men are often very focussed and quite competitive – which makes them especially good at adhering to an online and app-based food diary system like Nutracheck.

Physiologically men have another advantage too – with greater body muscle than women, they have more capability to burn calories – so it’s a double whammy when it comes to trying to lose those extra pounds!’

However, men shouldn’t be too complacent. According to a YouGov survey commissioned by Nutracheck, although they are more successful, less men actually attempt to diet (men 44 % v women 75%). This is despite the fact that statistically there are more obese men than women in the UK (65% men v 59% women). It looks like some guys just aren’t bothered.

Alan, a Computer Programmer from Kent lost 5 stone in just over 7 months by using  – a calorie counting online food diary and mobile App. “A work colleague had been using Nutracheck and suggested It would help me identify my “bad habits” to help me lose weight. After losing half a stone in the first week’s free trial, gave me a real focus. I signed up without thinking twice!”

The survey also highlighted the UK’s diet ‘hotspots’ – areas where dieting amongst men is most prevalent:

The UK’s top area for dieting men is the East where a whopping 70% of adult males surveyed admitted to having been on a diet. The North came bottom with 55%.

Survey undertaken by YouGov and commissioned by Nutracheck. Additional data sourced from Johnson & Wardle

(1)    YouGov survey undertaken between 13-16 April 2012 on a total sample size of 2103 adults in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. The survey was carried out online and the figures have been weighted and are representative of all UK adults (aged 18+).

(2)    Johnson and Wardle International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity

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