Sarah’s tips on Making Your Calories Count


Make your Calories Count with

computerNutracheck – the UK’s most comprehensive app and online weight loss system – provides its members with a food diary service that makes counting your calories easier than ever, and is recommended by the NHS.

Designed to help you track your food intake and make better-informed food choices, the Nutracheck database contains over 160,000 UK foods, more than any other service. It gives calorie and fat values, and has unique picture search for faster identification of products. Using a calorie counter to track your food and drink consumption is acknowledged as a highly effective way to improve your eating habits and manage your weight. Dr Ian Campbell, National Obesity Forum founder says: “Recording what you eat is a powerful method to promote behaviour change. It is extremely simple, but when people become more aware of their food choices, they often find themselves naturally making small changes which are often enough to result in weight loss – it’s the visual record that’s such an important part of this”.

Nutracheck member Sarah, 30, says, “Using the Nutracheck food diary opened my eyes to how quickly your daily calories can add up. Once I started using it regularly, it helped me to make healthier choices without really even thinking about it. One of the first changes I made was getting rid of sugar in my hot drinks – which not only knocked down my calorie intake, it also changed my tastes and sugar cravings. This is just one of a few small changes I was able to make pretty effortlessly which have helped me along with losing the weight.”

The Nutracheck App (for iPhone and Android) features a unique barcode scanner that makes it easy to add food to your diary. A ‘Picture Search’ option is also available in the app so you can quickly spot the item you are looking for. Online, you can easily filter the results to find a particular UK brand. New foods are constantly being added so you’re sure to find what you are looking for. Not only can you monitor your calorie intake on the app, it also features a practical and expansive activity database so you can track the calories your burn too.

Why is the Calorie Counter approach successful?

Your current weight and desired goal weight will determine your calorie counting target. If your weight falls within the healthy BMI range and you want to maintain it, then using a Calorie Counter is a beneficial tool in preventing weight gain. If you’re overweight and would like to lose weight, calorie counting is essential as you need to create a calorie deficit – which means your energy out (through activity) must exceed your energy in (food).

Celebrity diets and food plans are often very restrictive in both what and how much they allow you to eat. This often makes dieting feel like a punishment – which is why many people give up. In addition, although some restrictive diets result in weight loss initially (because calorie intake is severely lowered), they are just not sustainable and realistic in the longer term. It doesn’t need to be like this when using Nutracheck’s online Calorie Counter – you can still enjoy many of the foods you like, as long as your calorie intake is within your target by the end of the day.

About Nutracheck:

  • Nutracheck is an innovative calorie counter and food diary App and website which tracks what you eat to help you manage your weight.
  • It’s fast and easy to use: Tracking your calories takes less than 10 minutes a day to do. Nutracheck holds the largest UK food database with photos of over 160,000 products to help you find exactly what you’re eating.
  • This isn’t a fad diet and no foods are banned; it works by making a person more aware of their food choices and how much they are eating.
  • The Nutracheck App is the top selling diet App in the UK Apple store. The Nutracheck website is rated the UK’s No. 1 diet site on

For more information about Nutracheck visit or call Karen Veness on 07968 049528 or email