Don’t Get More Stuffed than the Turkey this Christmas

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Christmas is a time to let loose and enjoy yourself – and on Christmas Day we all want to indulge! Some people can consume up to 3 times more calories on Christmas Day than normal – that’s a whopping 6,000 calories instead of the average recommended intake of 2,000 calories. Nutracheck is here to tell you how you can still enjoy yourself without missing out on any treats – including Christmas pudding & alcohol – whilst sticking to your suggested daily calorie intake…

Nutracheck has created 5 easy steps to keep you trim this Christmas…

1. Keep active – try and offset some of the Christmas eating with a bit more physical activity. Christmas is the perfect time to jump on the Wii or dance mat and have some fun. Or go for a nice long walk with the family before dinner (snowball fight optional!).

2. Alternate alcoholic drinks with soft drinks – alcoholic drinks are generally high in calories – and alcohol can stimulate appetite – so try to limit your intake by following an alcoholic with a soft drink. Tip: try swapping a glass of baileys (around 200 calories) for a vodka soda (around 60 calories).

3. Hide the chocolate tin – help yourself by keeping them in a place where you don’t have to look at them all day. Out of sight really can be out of mind!

4. Fill your dinner plate with vegetables first – put your veggies on your plate before meat and potatoes. With less room you’ll be less inclined to have that extra roastie or Yorkshire.

5. Have fun! - It is Christmas after all and this approach is all about balance.

Check out our 3 Christmas menus

A gut busting gluttinous day a whopping 6,000 calories!

Slightly better but still sinful – A waist pinching 3,150 calories!

That’s more like it – Trousers not too tight at an average 2,000 calories!

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