Launch of My Cambridge

NutraTech has partnered with Cambridge Weight Plan to launch a new online service that will support users of the flexible Steps programme. ‘My Cambridge’ is a weight management tool to help Cambridge customers make the transition from meal replacements to reintroducing real food.

The unique programme allows for two way communication between the Cambridge Consultant and customer to continue the one-to-one support. The weight management programme helps to guide the customer on the right calorie intake for them while re-education them about the calorie contribution of different types of foods.

The service also includes an exercise diary to encourage increased activity as a vital element in helping to control weight ongoing.

‘My Cambridge’ is a highly effective tool to ensure a Cambridge customer really cracks their weight problem for good, achieving the Cambridge vision of only having a customer once.

About Nutracheck:

  • Nutracheck is an innovative calorie counter and food diary App and website which tracks what you eat to help you manage your weight. 
  • It’s fast and easy to use: Tracking your calories takes less than 10 minutes a day to do. Nutracheck holds the largest UK food database with photos of over 160,000 products to help you find exactly what you’re eating. 
  • This isn’t a fad diet and no foods are banned; it works by making a person more aware of their food choices and how much they are eating. 
  • The Nutracheck App is the top selling diet App in the UK Apple store. The Nutracheck website is rated the UK’s No. 1 diet site on

For more information about Nutracheck visit or call Karen Veness on 07968 049528 or email